Cake, the sweetest delight on the earth that has gained many applauses from many parts of the world. The cake is a central attraction of every celebration. We can also say that this is a life of every party. Without an excellent looking, flavorful cake, a holiday can't be completed. It comes in many flavours and designs that it can steal the show and heart of the people sweetly. Today, the cake industry touching the heights by doing various innovations and creations with the cake. Nowadays the love for the cake as a dessert will increase even more like never than before. New technologies are adopted by the bakers to bake the cake that was difficult to make it in old times. We have listed some top cakes that have brought a significant change in the cake industry.

Library cake

This cake is breaking all the levels of innovations. This cake would be the best cake for those ones who are book lovers. Making this cake is not an easy task. Every small detailing should be perfect to make it look good. This cake is a fantastic combination of a good book, making it a complete library cake. This cake is featured with both the exterior entrance to the library and interiors filled with books and gumdrop lamps, visible to everyone. This cake has an accurate diorama of a beautiful library. One can also send this delicious and luxuriant cake to their loved ones with the help of online cake delivery services. He will undoubtedly go surprised by its features.

A beer bucket cake

If you are looking for the best cake for a huge fan of beer, then this cake will be the best one for him. There is no comparison with this beer bucket cake. This is an impressive cake appropriately made with every single detail mentioned for making it innovative and creative one. In this cake, a bucket is full of ice, and three bottles of beer are placed in between the ice. This cake is just marvellous and can make the occasion a dazzling and exciting one.

Planet cake

One of the best cake that you can offer to the one who is Sci-fi (science fiction). This is a round shaped cake having an appearance of a planet, made with three different layers of different flavours inside it. A stunning cake, representing all the segments of earth complete with an inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. Experience of many years, baking skills, creativity and hard work is required to make it excellent in looks and delicious it tastes. The outer area of the cake is painted with edible colours to give it a beautiful glimpse of a planet.

Instrumental cake

This cake is perfect for those ones who are fond of music and love to play musical instruments like guitar, drum, piano or can be any other. Today, the cake is also customised in an apparatus shaped cake. This is the best cake to express your love for the music creatively. Instrument cake is made with a lot of efforts having the good colours for giving a cake a real and fantastic look. You can choose this birthday cake for men who are massive fond of music or is a professional singer.