Sex addiction is the inability to control sexual desires and behaviour irrespective of knowing about the negative impact it can have on one’s own life and on others. This condition was taken as a mental health concern for the first time in the 1980s, and even though some studies claim it's not a valid disorder, this disorder can severely impact normal life and treatment should be immediately taken up from a mental health professional.

As per research, there is no particular diagnosis for this type of sex addiction, but there are more emotional symptoms than physical ones. 

Here are some of the criteria that can be used to define the disorder 

  • Engaging in sex routinely with different partners, more than the intended number
  • Always thinking about sex, being lost into the sexual world, craving for it all the time, trying to cut down on such thoughts and actions in vain
  • Persistently engaging self in sexual activities and thinking all the time about it at the cost of other events and schedule.
  • Spending hours to find new partners, or to do activities related to sex, spending a lot of time on the web browsing through pornographic content to satisfy self
  • Not taking care of the other responsibilities like family, work, children or even self because of strong sexual desires.

  • Trying to find new partners, when the relationship with another is broken, engaging in the sexual behaviour despite knowing the potential health risks

  • Having sex with more partners, or visiting prostitutes to increase the frequency of sex and being paranoid about it
  • Feeling restless and drained when not able to engage in sex

Select The Best Sex Addiction Treatment

Once you know you or someone you know is a sex addict, it is time to seek the right treatment option. You should be willing to work with an experienced sex therapist. One great opportunity is to opt for Sex Addiction Australia, the most beautiful place to find the best sex therapist Sydney. However, if you're willing to do your research, check for the following points.

Background and education of the therapist

Sex addiction treatment is more complicated than alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Your therapist should be educated about sex addiction not just to the level of treating it but also substance abuse and other related issues that can occur in due course. You could choose a therapist who has good experience in dealing with sex addiction and substance abuse if you have a habit of drinking and having drugs.

Involvement Of Your Better Half

If you are a sex addict, your spouse will be the most affected person due to this habit. It only makes sense to involve them also in the treatment process. If they get involved, this can improve your relationship and mend the gaps. This can save your marriage big time. Some programs do not include the involvement of a spouse, but even if not, the spouse can always help and encourage by providing full support throughout the treatment.

Affordable And Effective

While you will want to look for something that’s not too much of a pinch in your pocket, you should check the reviews and see if the treatment is beneficial. Cost is just one part of it. Even if a costlier treatment option has been sufficient for many people, go for it, as it will be worth a lifetime of a good marriage and a healthy lifestyle. If you still think you can only spend some amount, go for the one that accepts health insurance. Most of the institutes receive health insurance, and most of your expenses will be covered by insurance. Try to negotiate and find out other discounts or money-saving opportunities that you can.

Treatment Program Length

On an average, at least 90 days is required for you to completely recover from sex addiction and be back to a healthy life. Choose a program that has a length equal to or more than 90 days but never less than that. Sometimes, it may even take up to 6 months to treat some patients who need extensive counselling to break the harmful habits. So, go for something that gives you at least three months or even more.

Treatment Methods

As per the US National Library of Medicine, there are different methods used for different people based on their individual category of addiction and level of dependence. The common factor in all the treatments are the counselling and therapy sessions, but there will also be able to get help from support groups who make sure you don’t get back to the same state once again when the effect of medication subsides. Counselling can be helpful for individuals, couples and even groups.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another standard way of treating sex addiction. This method focuses on the situations that lead a person to have healthy sexual urges and desires and how to slowly change the way think about and react to those situations. CBT is mostly paired with other treatment methods to provide comprehensive and effective treatment and recovery from sex addiction.

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