Scour No Longer for the Best, Hard-to-Find Deals in South Africa getting discounts on your everyday necessities (may they be groceries, clothes, appliances, and gadgets, to cite few) is something that’s naturally practically desired by a majority of people.

However, if your schedule is already tight, it could be hard to invest time in looking for these deals. A lot even consider it a hassle. And while there are those who are more than willing to do so, they often have to go through a tedious, time-consuming process just to find the right deals they want. Broadsheets SA dramatically aids shoppers by taking these deals and discounts directly to patrons of various South African retailers.

You just have to sign up for an account to start using its essential features.

The developers are apparently aware of the preference of users to keep things as simple as possible.
This is why they incorporated a straightforward way to browse through the discounts and deals that are currently being offered.

  • You just have to go to the broadsheets SA’ tab in the main menu to start doing so. 
  • In this main interface, you’ll immediately be able to have access to the deals. 
  • You only need to swipe left or right to browse through what the app has available at present. 
  • Tapping on one will take you directly to the deal so you can get more information about it on their site (via chatting or browsing through their content) and avail of it promptly. 
  • There are icons for sharing and favouriting directly above the deals for your convenience as well. 
  • Anything you add to your favourites can be easily accessed in your Favorites’ tab so you’ll never have to put too much time into availing them again. 
To make your searching doubly easier, the app also lets you search according to categories, retailers, and the malls near your area. This filtering saves plenty of time and lets users know the exact retailers that the app works with. Automatic notifications of discounts that are currently being offered in your area only seal the deal.

Another unique aspect of Broadsheets SA is that it holds regular competitions between users that would let them win coupons and shopping vouchers.

Of course, shoppers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this app.
Retailers looking to promote their deals can also utilise Broadsheets SA to optimise their campaigns via the app’s regular competitions. The mere fact that users can be bridged directly to your stores and share your offers on social media are other great perks you can enjoy.

Broadsheet SA’s focus on South African retailers, numerous options, and highly original features said above allows it to set itself apart from the rest easier. The main benefit of the app, of course, is that you would be able to save plenty of money in the long run. It encompasses hundreds of items that people use or need on a daily basis so you can just imagine the significant cuts in expenses that you’ll most assuredly benefit from.

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