Do you know when search engines pick up on your blog updates? What if I told you that there is a way to manually ping over 20 top search engines in less than 1 second? Would you believe me?

Welcome to Ping-O-Matic! A free service by the WordPress Foundation, this tool lets you ping your selected search engines with a single click. Every time you publish an article, all you have to do is literally go to the site and click the ‘Send Pings’ button.

With me, I just leave the Ping-O-Matic site up in one of my tabs and with every update of my blog, I click on the tag, click the button, and I’m done. No exaggeration, the entire process takes me a fraction of a second.

One great feature is if your blog update has recently been recognised by search engines, Ping-O-Matic will let you know and won’t actually push the ping.

If I only earned a penny for every question I see about when search engines ping your blog, I could probably buy every visitor I ever had a beer. The good news is that moving forward, you’ll always know since you’re the one doing it.

Oh, and BTW, no disclosure on this since I’m not an affiliate. Why? Because it’s FREE! No catch, just enjoy.