Most bloggers are using the viral webmaster tool called Google Trends. With Google Trends, you can see how frequently a particular topic appears on Google and what other issues internet users are searching and viewing on the web.

In this article, I will share with you something most bloggers (particularly beginners) don’t know how to drive organic traffic to their blogs using Google Trends and the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So here we go…

1. Use a High-Trend but Low-Dense Keywords

When you use high-trend, but low-dense targeted keywords- you have a great chance to top on the SERP for that particular keyword, especially if you have a higher PR than those other blogs with similar targeted keywords. One example of a high-trending keyword this year is “Photos”. Take a look at this graph. Now you come to ask how “Photos” become a less-dense keyword. Well, searching for that particularly keyword-only returns few results. It doesn’t reach 500K or even 100K conclusions when I say few.

2. Apply the Proper SEO

There are so many SEO techniques we can apply to optimize blog posts. But what I can suggest when using Google Trends is just to use proper keyword combination and link building. Doing these two optimization techniques would really boost your organic traffic.

You need to research what other keywords are associated with your first keyword identified on no. 1 above for the best keyword combination. For example, “Photos” has something to do with FB and a computer virus. You can then formulate a title for the blog post. Let’s say, “Facebook Photos is a Virus”.

Remember that the other two keywords on the formulated title are not low-dense. Searching for those keywords individually will return you millions of results. So, your only best shot is to optimize the first identified keyword on no. 1. Here comes the second SEO technique to use- Link Building. Try to get at least 5 backlinks with your targeted keyword as anchor text for link building. Only five backlinks, as most SEO experts believe that creating many backlinks with exact anchor text is not SE friendly anymore. Don’t use your post title as the anchor text. If you use a combination of two keywords, just make it natural.

I have proven this myself, and it is really working. Just spend some time trying it. I’ll be glad if this will also work for you. – END