The extreme level of globalisation and modernisation has led to monotonous and hectic lifestyles. This has enforced fatigue and laziness in today’s generation. Automation is very much responsible for various problems today’s generation is suffering from. What to do in this kind of scenario? The only solution is to involve some sort of exercise to maintain a physical and mental health balance. Proper equity of strength, energy, flexibility, and awareness is required to acquire balanced development of the body. This form is attained by performing pilates reformer exercises.

Pilates is based on six principles- control, centring, flow, precision, breath, and concentration. This term was proposed by Joseph Pilates. The exercises listed in Pilates are usually performed one after another, and the movements involved are the 100, Criss-Cross, the Elephant, and the Swan, etc. Now, in this article you will get to know what the actual benefits of Pilates exercise are and how they overweigh other forms of activities:

Helps attain overall Fitness of the Body

  • This is the most alluring feature of Pilates exercise that it endeavours on the whole body fitness. Its agenda is not like to focus on some parts like thighs, and arms and neglect the other ones. The workout involved in Pilates Exercise encourages core strength, flexibility, muscle development, mind and breath balance, etc. 
  • It’s a boon for the human body that it is also now been used in rehab centres and also for athletes. Proper Pilate exercise machines are installed at the centres, you can even get one at home, and the most popular one is the Reformer Pilates machine. Check the various Pilates Prices on the Internet and make the best choice.

Enhance your brainpower and stabilises your body

  • The man behind the establishment of this exercise named it “the thinking man’s exercise.” It was found out by Chinese researchers that there was an increase found in the brain’s alpha peak power in women after they performed Pilates exercise for 10 days. Alpha peak power is related to memory performance, neural network activity, and other cognitive functions of the brain. Not only this, this exercise has been proved to be fruitful in treating brain-degenerative diseases and cognitive dysfunctions in people. It also improves your memory.
  • It is also responsible for maintaining the stability in your body by giving your body a right and proper balance. This balance and good posture are achieved by performing exercises on a reformer or stability ball that increases your physical coordination thereby resulting in appropriate positions.

Emphasizes on Core Strength

Pilates exercise works on the core, i.e. centre of your body. Your lower back, abdominal muscles, hips, and buttock are at a target while performing tasks. This builds better endurance and makes the core muscles lean. It results in a good posture, a firm and robust back, adequate movement patterns, and relaxed shoulder and neck muscles. These exercises help you achieve the flat abs that transform your overall personality and look.

Decent Control on your Emotions
  • Like meditation, it has excellent control over your emotions and calms down your mind when needed. Pilates lets you concentrate on your account when you perform the exercise on Reformer- the most widely used tools in all the Pilates centres. If you are thinking to buy it, you can view Reformer Pilates Prices and have one at your doorstep. 
  • It prompts you to visualise that inner core and light that the instructor is talking about while making you do that exercise, which automatically helps you release tension, anxiety, negative emotions, depression, and also helps fights your stubborn addictions. Pilates exercise reduces all these things in your body thereby promoting happiness in your life. Naturally, if you are physically happy, then you will be mentally delighted too.

Boosts up your Flexibility

Pilates Exercise increases the flexibility of your body as it broadens the range of motion of your body and lengthens your muscles. Various bends and stretches involved in this exercise make a sustained increase of movement within the joints, which takes your body flexibility to the next level. It does some similar effects to what yoga does on the body except that it is more of a physical working of the body whereas yoga is more of the spiritual operation of the body.

Develops Breathing and Encourages Body Awareness

  • The adequate breathing patterns performed in the Pilates exercise lets breathing become more appropriate in your daily life, which in turn boosts the circulation of blood in the body. The proper blood circulation of blood clears all the toxins in your body and gives you a refreshing feeling throughout the day. It also helps in recovering your muscles or any damaged tissues in your muscles.
  • Through Pilates, you get aware of the healthy and unhealthy postures you use in your everyday life. This makes you alive of what to adopt in your lifestyle to stay a healthy and long life.

Above mentioned are just a few benefits that you all must consider when in the dilemma of opting Pilates exercise in your routine. It has many more other advantages like increasing confidence, reduction in weight, injury rehabilitation, overall body workout, control over physical and mental health, improvement in aerobic conditioning, to name a few. So, to adopt a healthy and firm lifestyle, an adaption of Pilates exercise in your routine is must, and after getting aware of such remarkable benefits, you need to give it a try.