There are different types of cerebral palsy. It is actually a condition resulting from the injury of the brain. Often it happens when the baby is in the womb. It may be caused by a deficiency of oxygen in mind, some infections like hepatitis or rubella the mother suffered during pregnancy, bleeding in the mother's brain, etc. Unfortunately, there is only a limited scope of treatment for CP. In conventional procedures, doctors suggest some exercises or speech therapy or some other ways so that you can minimize and manage the symptoms. There are medicines to relax the muscles which become stiff in such conditions, but the extended use of such medications may cause evil results. But of late, a ray of hope came from such patients through stem cell therapy treatment.

How this Therapy Works

Stem cells are either collected from their own body or the umbilical cord. There should be a proper match if it comes from a donor. However, stem cells can be grown into all other cells or some other cells in the body, depending upon their specific nature. So, stem cells can regenerate the damaged brain cells too. In this way, it can improve the condition of cerebral palsy. If it is appropriately matched, the body's immunity system can't recognize it as a different cell and can heal the disease. But there are several types of stem cells, and some doctors opine that the best storage for cord blood rather than from their own body is better. As the latter option may be too painful for children and adults, using fresh ones is better than collecting old stem cells from the patient's bone marrow.

Stem Cell Therapy.

Some well-equipped hospitals with world-class infrastructure offer stem cell therapy for patients. But cerebral palsy treatment with stem cell therapy is unavailable in all those hospitals. Some doctors think even now that this treatment is in the stage of the experiment only. However, some hospitals started this treatment. If you need this, you may contact those hospitals. They are sure to help and guide you properly. So cerebral palsy treatment with stem cell therapy is no longer a dream. So cerebral palsy treatment with stem cell therapy is no longer a dream.

How to Contact Doctors

These hospitals have their websites. Their home pages describe the treatments they offer. It also gives you a moderate knowledge of the condition. You can contact them over the phone to discuss the details. You may also send them emails. Often there is a form on their pages filling which you may submit your questions, and they will contact you as soon as possible and let you know about the details. You may be asked to send previous reports. They may even book an appointment with the right doctor for you. Some organizations may arrange the treatment, medical visa, and lodging if you are from another country. You may contact them online.

Take Decision Act Fast

So, you have adequate information now about cerebral palsy treatment with stem cell therapy. Now take the decision. If you need clarification about the treatment, ask the doctor repeatedly. There may be some side effects too. Know about that clearly before the treatment begins. Think fast and act fast.