So you want to leverage Instagram videos to promote your business? With a social media platform that boasts of 800 million users worldwide, you too can make your business presence felt on this photo and video sharing platform. The integration of the video feature makes it even easier to tell your brand’s story that a still photo cannot. Yes, you can create a video for a short span of 60 seconds to communicate your message to your audience. Do you still need some convincing? Well, here are three ways to use Instagram videos to take your business to the next level:

1. Draw Attention to Your Products

If you are about to make a product launch, you should highlight your stuff smartly to pique viewer interest. Emphasize the key benefits of your products to keep users captivated. Delight them with the gripping footage. The video you create may last for just 30 seconds, but you need to make the impact at that time. Focus on a how-to video. Show how your merchandise makes your customers’ lives simpler. A short commercial, for instance, will capture audience’s attention with its emotional, humorous, or inspirational appeal. Display your items in a creative way that customers can relate to their lifestyle. This way, you will gain real Instagram followers.

2. Use Customer Testimonials

Leverage user testimonials to promote your product or service offerings on Instagram. Now, you may not have the funds to shoot a video featuring every satisfied customer. With the video feature, you can do so without creating a dent in your wallet. Whenever, happy customers show how your merchandise improved their lives and productivity, and saved their time and money, and gave them peace of mind, you will have more Instagram followers. For example, if you are selling anti-ageing creams for women, show a happy woman whose skin glows and looks young after using your product. Create a make-believe video. All you need to do is use your smartphone and request your customers for a 20- second testimonial right on the spot.

3. Tempt Customers with Limited Period Deals

Capture the attention of the audience with Instagram story videos. Since stories create a sense of urgency, especially those with a limited period offer, you should post a video that will highlight an exclusive deal to hook your audience. Keep them guessing. Think of a proposal that your potential customers can cash in within the story’s duration. Motivate your prospects to avail the deal within 24 hours, not more than that. This is how you need to create a sense of urgency without pushing your chances too hard. The strategy will make them come back to your Instagram video to grab a deal at the earliest.


The boom in popularity of Instagram videos is sure to make an impact on your brand. You need to be an excellent storyteller to sell your products or services. That is the USP of your success. So are you prepared to take the plunge? Spread your brand message with Instagram videos and make a mark for your business.