DX Development Utility

Salesforce DX is currently the talk of the development niche, and developers are finding it the best way to work on the Salesforce development platform. The tool is presently available on the Salesforce App Cloud. Salesforce DX was announced as changing how applications are managed and developed on the Salesforce development platform throughout their life cycle.

Thanks to the best features of the Salesforce platform, the tool comes with source-driven development, custom app development with new levels of agility, and team development and collaboration. Below are some essential aspects of Salesforce DX that every developer and admin should know in order to work better on the platform.

What Benefits Will You Get Using Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX was launched to streamline the development based on the Salesforce platform and encourage team development. To achieve this objective, the key benefits of availing this utility include:

Better productivity with the new command line interface.

  • Reduce development life cycle period with scratch orgs.
  • Improved file management and editing.
  • Continuous integration and automated testing.
  • Working towards a more agile and efficient release cycle.
  • Experience Better Functionality with Salesforce CLI
The DX utility development version of Salesforce facilitates the new command line interface (CLI), which streamlines development and automates the processes while operating in the Salesforce environment. The best part of Salesforce CLI is that it integrates many features across various Salesforce APIs. On top of that, this new command line interface blends the features and functionality of other Salesforce utilities, including the Salesforce workbench and Force.com Migration Tool. If you need help leveraging this new command-line interface in your development life cycle, opt for the services of reliable sources like Flosum.com and get the best solutions.

Get Everything at One Place

The most significant benefit offered by Salesforce DX is that developers can now access everything in one place, solving previous conflicts related to the development platform. With the Salesforce CLI, professionals can easily use the new DX tool to build environments for effective development and automated testing, manage the entire application lifecycle, create organs and run tests, synchronize the source code, and more.

Scratch Orgs to the Rescue

To simplify the deployment of Salesforce metadata and code, a new source-driven feature named scratch org was launched along with the DX tool. It is entirely configurable and helps developers imitate several Salesforce editions, each with distinct characteristics and preferences. As a developer, you can now open your scratch org configuration file and easily share it with your colleagues, supporting team development alongside collaboration. Not only that, scratch orgs can be easily accessed by developers via IDE or CLI without even the need to sign in.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce DX equally benefits enterprise customers, as they can march forward to source-driven development with the new command-line interface. Also, developers will have no trouble installing packages into scratch orgs. Above all, the entire development process will be streamlined with Salesforce DX, owing to its easy deployment of metadata. As time goes by, new features will be unveiled. Please use this guide to improve your development campaign with Salesforce DX.