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Telemundo - Lord of the Skies Teasers April 2018

Lord of the Skies Teasers April 2018 – Upcoming Telemundo drama series ‘Lord of the Skies’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for April 2018.

Telemundo's new novela Lord of the Skies premieres on the channel tonight (9 April) at 23h00 and airs Mondays to Fridays at the same time.

Coming up in its first month on air:

Tuesday 1 April 2018

Leonor is seriously wounded in a shoot-out, while Pombo is arrested. Heriberto suggests that Matilde should present her new CD at the town fair.

Wednesday 2 
April 2018

Aurelio tells Chacorta and Turco that he will not send any more drugs to the United States. Matilde is hired to sing at the Palenque.

Thursday 3 
April 2018

Jimenez receives an expensive painting as a gift, worth millions of dollars. Alba tells Ximena that Victor is Chacorta’s son.

Friday 4 
April 2018

Aurelio asks Irina to put him in contact with the President. Jimenez tells Marco Mejia he is worried about Casillas flooding the country with drugs.

Monday 7 
April 2018

Aurelio suspects that there’s something going on between Ximena and El Turco. Jimenez asks Marco Mejia to abort the operation against the Casillas.

Tuesday 8 
April 2018

Ponte tells Marco Mejia that his men are ready to carry out the operation, but that the Casillas also have their men armed and ready.

Wednesday 9 
April 2018

Marco Mejia, Linares, Eugenia and Leonor get together to organise the issuing of a newspaper about the Lord of the Skies across the whole of Mexico.

Thursday 10 
April 2018

Chacorta and his men burn all of the newspapers that were about to be circulated. Orejas finds out, and informs Marco Mejia.

Friday 11 
April 2018

Ramiro tells Aurelio that the reporter who’s after him is Eugenia, Marco Mejia’s girlfriend. Aurelio orders that Chacorta get rid of Eugenia.

Monday 14 
April 2018

Chacorta shoots at Eugenia, but misses and hits Linares. Ximena tells Aurelio that she is sick and tired of not being able to live a normal life.

Tuesday 15 
April 2018

Leonor insists on infiltrating the Casilla's organisation, but Marco Mejia refuses. The President pays a visit to Eugenia in hospital.

Wednesday 16 
April 2018

Oscar suggests to Guadalupe that they work together in secret. Ximena makes the mistake of leaving the house without her bodyguards.

Thursday 17 
April 2018

Guadalupe tells Monica that the Colombians offered to make him Aurelio’s successor. Aurelio asks Jimenez help to suspend the trial against Sabino.

Friday 18 
April 2018

El Cabo tells Aurelio that he will help him rescue Ximena. The doctor informs Eugenia that Linares will never be able to walk again.

Monday 21 
April 2018

Ramiro tells Huertas and Castro that he’s been having an affair with Irina for some time. Villalobos shoots Ximena, and Aurelio hears her scream.

Tuesday 22 
April 2018

Lawyer Benitez tells Marco Mejia that he doesn’t trust anyone, not even the President. Aurelio rescues Sabino and delivers him to Juan.

Wednesday 23 
April 2018

Sonia gives the priest a notebook containing the conversations between Ramiro and the drug traffickers. Aurelio takes Ximena to the hacienda.

Thursday 24 May 2018

Aurelio finds the Villalobos brothers dead at Cleto’s hacienda. Jimenez asks Doris to talk to Emma and ?nd out what Marco Mejia is planning.

Friday 25 
April 2018

Sonia shows the Cardinal the notebook detailing Ramiro’s ties with the drug lords. Leonor and Marco Mejia spend the night together.

Monday 28 
April 2018

Aurelio tells Alejo that he is planning a big party to celebrate his anniversary with Ximena, and asks him to sing at it.

Tuesday 29 
April 2018

Marco tries to talk to Eugenia, but she refuses to listen and kicks him out of the house. Ramiro asks Aurelio to eliminate Cardinal Pastrana.

Wednesday 30 
April 2018

Linares is released from hospital. Alejo introduces Leonor as a new vocalist in their band, and Carmona immediately dislikes her.

Thursday 31 
April 2018

The Cardinal and Marco Mejia arrive at Monterrey Airport, where Aurelio and his men are expecting them. A shootout breaks out.

Premiere episodes of Lord of the Skies air on Telemundo from Mondays to Fridays at 23h00. The omnibus airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 23h00.
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