Mfanelo met a woman at his grandmother’s funeral. He pursued her, and they eventually fell in love.

Viewers witnessed the sadness on Mfanelo’s face as he spoke about how his mother is against their union and his bride. We’ve all heard the horror stories: A mother-in-law who doesn’t approve of the union often just makes everyone sour, and the couple on OPW had Mzansi’s sympathy when the groom’s mother blatantly disapproved of his bride.
OurPerfectWedding Tweeps watched the show hoping to find out what the mother-in-law held against Sarah, but there were dololo revelations. The groom explained that his mother “just” didn’t like Sarah and had never given a proper explanation as to why.

However, he has his father’s support, and that gives him comfort. Twitter just wasn’t having it and had the memes to show their disapproval of the mother!

Source: Times Live