Plantify Black Friday 2023 Ads, Deals & Special Sales getting in on the Black Friday silliness this year with some Great Deals for our fans over the Black Friday Weekend.

From Friday, 23 November, through Monday, 26 November 2023, we'll be giving away FREE Stuff, FREE Shipping, Discounts and a Grand Prize at the end. This is part of our crusade to make indoor plant decor accessible to all! Some Deals run at the weekend, and some are on for a day or a few hours. Starting next week, Monday (13 November), we'll be counting the days to Black Friday by revealing one deal per day on our Social Media accounts.

Plantify Black Friday Sale Information

2023 Black Friday Plantify Updates: 

Expect us to post the Plantify Black Friday 2023 advert sometime around November 15 or the day before Black Friday. In the meantime, check out information on Plantify's current standard specials.

 Black Friday Sale Start Date:

Like last year, the sale will start on 24 November 2023. Noticeable Plantify Thanksgiving updates will happen a week before, like another outlet.  To get an alert about Plantify Black Friday deals, follow The Edge Search website and our Social media pages.  

Black Friday Sale Format:

As Plantify did last year, many of Plantify's Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales will also be available on their website or Social media. This is a tremendous benefit by Plantify and will make it easier for Back Friday shopping and more family time. 

Black Friday Special Promotions:

Plantify Black Friday specials will be advertised on their website or social media pages; as soon as Plantify updates their promotion The Edge search will update you 

Where To find Plantify Black Friday deals?

Follow Website The Edge Search and Social pages to get Plantify updates.

Plantify 2023 Black Friday best deals available

  • African Milk Tree
  • Basket - Fundo
  • Basket - Katondo
  • Basket - Linear
  • Basket - Sinan
  • Bioneem - Organic Pesticide
  • Biotrissol - Organic Fertilizer
  • Birds Nest Fern - Wide Leaf
  • Birds Nest Fern Mossball
  • Black Mottle Cotton Cord Planter - Mia Mélange
  • Bromeliad Vriesea - Yellow Tips
  • Button Fern
  • Calathea Orbifolia
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Circle Hanger - Black
  • Coral Cactus
  • Croton (Variegated)
  • Dainty Crassula Micro Mossball
  • Delicious Monster-Cut Leaf
  • Delicious Monster 19cm
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Donkey Tail (LARGE)
  • Dragon Tree
  • Emerson Pot - Black 18ct Gold
  • Emerson Pot - Matt Range
  • Emerson Pot - Pink
  • Emerson Pot - Turquoise
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Graphite Stone - Round Pot
  • Green Cotton Cord Planter - Mia Mélange
  • Gun Metal Ripple Pot
  • Hoya Carnosa
  • Hoya Linearis
  • Jimma Pot and tray
  • Jute Cotton Cord Planter - Mia Mélange
  • Kangaroo Fern
  • Katstert Micro Mossball
  • Lace Fern in Terracotta Pot
  • Liquorice Cotton Cord Planter - Mia Mélange
  • Liquorice Cotton Cord Planter (Extra Large) - Mia Mélange
  • Liquorice Cotton Cord Planter (Large) - Mia Mélange
  • Macrame Terracotta Hanger Set
  • Mia Melange Hanging Planter
  • Mother In Law's Tongue
  • Mounted Birds Nest Fern
  • Natal Ivy Mossball
  • Network Calathea
  • No. 1 - Ashanti Pot Cover
  • No. 2 - Ashanti Pot Cover
  • No. 3 - Ashanti Pot Cover
  • No. 4 - Ashanti Pot Cover
  • Pachypodium in Terracotta
  • Parachute Plant (Ceropegia sandersonii)
  • Parlor Palm
  • Parlor Palm (Large)
  • Peace in the Home
  • Peace in the Home - (Large)
  • Peace in the Home in Raindrop DIY Kit
  • Peace in the Home Terrarium
  • Peacock Calathea
  • Philodendron Selloum Mossball - Large
  • Pisa - Self Watering Planter
  • Plant Mom - Hemp Tote Bag
  • Plant Stand - Basket
  • Ponytail Palm Mossball
  • Poodle Watering Can
  • Prayer Plant
  • Prayer Plant Mossball (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Raindrop Glass Hanging Planter
  • Rubber Tree - Robusta
  • Santorini - Self Watering Planter
  • Snake Mister
  • Song of Jamaica
  • Spekboom Mossball
  • Staghorn Fern (EXTRA LARGE)
  • String of Pearls in Raindrop DIY Kit
  • String of Pearls in Terracotta
  • Succulent in Terracotta
  • Tangerine Cotton Cord Planter - Mia Mélange
  • Terracotta Pot Set - Azalea
  • Terracotta Pot Set - Standard
  • Umbrella Plant
  • Umbrella Plant (large)
  • Umshala Pot - Black
  • Umshala Pot - Blue
  • Vertical Veg Wall Pockets
  • Weeping Fig Mossball - LARGE
  • White Ripple Pot