IG user Seun Obajolu is celebrating her 16th wedding anniversary with her husband, Tunde, today October 4th. In a post she shared on her IG page, Seun revealed that they got engaged three days after they met. Congrats to them! Read her post below
We are not the typical love story !
You proposed 3 days after we met, convinced I was the one for you while I'm thinking, “who is this crazy guy”? Yet, still going with the flow but with peace within that I was NOT making a mistake . 
We were married in 10 months and 16 years on, we are still here! You, sure that I'm still the one for you and I, super convinced that you were meant for me. 
Our marriage has not been perfect but all of the imperfections has taught us to love each other even better and brought us even closer.

Here's toasting to 16 more years and lots more with you my "crazy lover", my husband, baby daddy, father and friend Tunde Obajolu
Thank you for being my back bone, working with my imperfections and supporting my dreams!

Happy 16th year Wedding Anniversary to us!!!!!".