A sad video is circulating online, showing a transgender girl putting her boyfriend on blast because he allegedly cheated on her. She was really mean about the whole thing and even shared a video of the incident online, all in a bid to embarrass the guy.
The transwoman drove to her boyfriend's new job with him in the car then put him on blast while recording it. She practically bullied him as she asked him to tell his side of his story while forcing him to look into the camera.
When he wouldn't talk loud enough, she proceeded to tell the story herself. She said she was shooting the video because the guy played her. She claims she never wanted to give room to a relationship and preferred to keep "hoeing" and getting her money. However, a friend advised her to give it a chance, else she would miss out on love. She decided to give the man a chance only to get a call later that the guy was cheating on her with someone else and gave the person HIV.
As the guy pleaded with her not to create a scene, she decided she would embarrass him further by going into the building where he just got a new job and let everyone know about his personal life. The guy pleaded with her that he was trying to keep the job but she forced him out of the car and started to walk with him to the building, where she proceeded to humiliate him.
She said as they walked towards the office building: "Everybody, this guy right here, he's a transsexual chaser. He's a liar."
She stopped people she met on the way to tell them the same thing about the guy. She told the guy that she would make sure he doesn't get the job, then went all the way into the building and asked to see the manager so she could report the guy.
The video is just so sad to watch. Wonder why the guy had to take all that instead of walking away earlier. All through the conversation, she kept belittling him and referring to him as "bitch ass nigga".

Go here to see the video.