See below list  of things people do that lead to illicit sex. 

These things look harmless but have very serious implications. Jesus says "Flee all appearances of evil"! No, you don't wait until that guy/lady ask for sex before you run! You run at the beginning! Say NO to things that are not proper, say NO to words that turn you on, say NO to people that makes you feel "hot!" Avoid situations and environments that encourage sin.

1.Calling everyone dear, dearie, dearest, sweet, sweetie, and all those "harmless" pet names.
2. Calling and allowing the opposite sex to call you sexy, curvy, angel, idol, etc.
3. Pouting your mouth and posting the picture on the social media (You give more focus to the lips).
4. Turning your bum to the camera and posting the picture on the social media. Same for ladies who focus more on the chest region.
5. Hugging, touching and embracing every Tom, Dick and Harry.
6. Allowing the opposite sex give you sexy compliments and secretly or publicly enjoying the compliment e.g. "I like your figure", "You've got kissable lips," "Your moustache makes you look so sexy," "Your height is tripping. I like guys who are muscular and six feet tall."
7. You allowed your EX back into your life.
8. You allow the opposite friend to visit you anyday, anytime.
9. You visit the opposite sex friend anyday, any time.
10. You "flirt" harmlessly with the opposite sex.
11. As a married man/woman, you chat with the opposite sex far into the night.
12. You give "harmless" pecks and kisses.
13. Your dates are always done in lonely places.
14. You counsel and pray with the opposite sex in a lonely or dark room.
15. You end up having emotional and physical sexual affair and lose yourself respect for life!

Keep your chastity. Keep your testimony. God bless you. Cheers!