FADED actor Zola 7’s love boat is sinking – and very fast, at that!

Insiders claim romance between Zola (real name Bonginkosi Dlamini) and his wife, Sibongile Nkabinde, is in a sad state of affairs.

This after the actor allegedly kicked her out of his Dobsonville, Soweto, home where she was staying with his grandmother and their two kids.

The mole said the incident, which allegedly occurred three weeks ago, was sparked by the star.

According to the source, Zola allegedly lost his cool in what started as a civil argument.

Said the first source: “I don’t know what went wrong, as they were talking like adults.

“Zola then became violent. He was the one who started screaming and grabbing Sibongile.

“I guess he lost his cool after she asked him to refrain from sending his girlfriends to pick up their kids from school.”

A second source claimed Zola had refused to accept that he was wrong and started swearing at Sibongile.

“Things got so bad that Sibongile ended up opening a case of emotional and physical abuse against Zola at the Moroka Police Station in Soweto,” the mole said.

“But who could blame her? This guy (Zola) had strangled her.”

Sibongile and the kids have since allegedly moved back to her home in Klipspruit, Soweto.

And in pursuit of the details, the SunTeam got hold of Sibongile’s mum, gogo maNkabinde-Nkosi.

She said: “I don’t want to talk about this. This boy has made a mockery of us in the community. He’s made a mockery of my home and my husband.

“I don’t ever want to hear his name in my house anymore. That boy has disrespected us for too long.”

The SunTeam is in possession of WhatsApp messages, in which Sibongile tells a relative of her intension to buy a gun because Zola “threatened her”.

“We’re concerned about her safety. He keeps sending her threatening text messages,” the source claimed.

When called for comment, an angry Zola said: “Who are you to ask me about my affairs? I don’t discuss my matters with the media.

“I’ll never confirm that I sent my girlfriend to fetch my kids, but I do send anyone to fetch my kids whenever I’m busy.”

Moroka police confirmed that a case was opened, but refused to give details