Last night, LIB exclusively unveiled Queen Stunner as the alleged side chick involved in Mercy Aigbe's marriage crisis.

A few hours after, she took to Instagram to share a subliminal post that points fingers, but she mentioned or tagged no one

A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing

It may be instinctual for women to solicit good providers who have social status. A child is much more likely to survive if it is afforded plentiful resources and social protection. For most of human history, child mortality was very high in part because some babies died from exposure or from possessing their heads bashed against a tree by a rival tribe. The child of the high status and wealth father is much less likely to suffer those fates.

Therefore, in theory, a woman's instinct may be to seek protection and romantic attachment from another man when her husband is least able to provide and loses status.

For the same reason, when a man has nothing, he is presumably much less charming to women and has no possibility to be tested. A man who has everything will be the first choice of women whose husbands or mates have nothing. A man with everything has the possibility and is therefore tested much more than his low-status rival.

Interestingly, under this theory which may be counterfeit, it's always women who build tests either by becoming dissatisfied with their mates or by hurling themselves at the wealthy men.

This analysis is unquestionably too simplistic: humans are not ruled by impulse, and there may be no such instinct for women to attempt high-status mates.

However: my politically incorrect 90-year-old grandma used to say, "Men choose women by the size of the woman's breasts, but women choose men by the size of the man's wallet." She also said, "Men are born through a vagina and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in." and "All cats are grey in the dark" meaning (I think) that people should have sex with each other regardless of relative attractiveness and leave the lights off.