You have probably wondered at some point in your life if it was safe to drink the rainwater. It’s just water that happens to fall from the sky, right? While you can drink rainwater safely under certain circumstances, it is not something that should be done all the time or without careful consideration.

There are times when you can drink rainwater safely, and there are times where you cannot. It is essential to differentiate so that you do not become ill. There are a few critical situations where a person should not consume rainwater, let's find out what those are.

When rainwater makes its way through the air, it can pick up any possible contaminating substances that are lingering close by. If the rain in question is falling anywhere near a site with even the slightest levels of radioactivity, chances are it is not safe for you to drink.

If a chemical plant is located close to the source of the rainfall, you should not drink that water, either. Whether it is a paper mill or a power plant, avoid that rainwater at all costs. There may be instances where the rain is falling and running off of other surfaces. Do not drink any water that is running off from a building, as the water will become saturated with chemicals that exist on these surfaces.

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