Allegedly 58% of South African women still fake their orgasms

Women carry the slur of being "frigid" when they appear to lack sexual desire."A whopping 68% - that's almost seven out of every 10 women polled - say they usually enjoy the moment they decide to fake their orgasm and one fourth say faking an orgasm isn't an enjoyable moment.
Frigidity slur

The findings tie with British research led by Dr Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Dr Colin A Hendrie of the University of Leeds which found that 80% of women faked their orgasms at least 50% of the time.While men might think they're studs in bed, the truth is that many women simply fake their orgasms.

According to website VictoriaMilan, 58% of South African women fake the "oh" moment with their husbands. Of course, this survey was conducted under their users, and is thus probably not very representative of actual South African women.

The site specialises in facilitating cheating and recently conducted a survey among its female users to coincide with International Women's Day on Wednesday.

But drilling down the data, the site found that a whopping 73% of their users fake orgasms with their husbands while just 16% fake it with their lovers.

That study was conducted among heterosexual women aged 18 - 48.
So why do they do it?

The Faking Orgasm Scale for Women: Psychometric Properties study led by Erin B Cooper Allan Fenigstein and Robert L Fauber found that most women fake orgasms out of concern for their partner's feelings.

Other reasons include fear and insecurity, elevated arousal, and sexual adjournment.

In the book, The Origin of the World: Science and Fiction of the Vagina by Jelto Drenth, the author explains that women carry the slur of being "frigid" when they appear to lack sexual desire.

"The word 'frigid' has become a term of abuse, a combination of all sorts of female attributes on which men are not very keen."
Moans of encouragement

VictoriaMilan found that 62% of women faked orgasms to provide pleasure and comfort to their partners, 10% fake to end the sex, 8% to keep the sex going for longer, and 6% because a real orgasm is impossible for them to achieve.

But not all men are completely fooled by a fake orgasm as only 38% of women believe their partners are convinced that they are faking orgasms.

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