Well, Today we will share some tips with you to know if you really satisfy her or not

She’s Not Making Sense

If you re doing it right, she will make utterances that dont make sense and call you names but dont run or slap her, it means you re doing great, keep at it.

She might also behave in a manner that makes you think an alien life force has invaded her body, dont be dumbfounded it means she’s really into it. “If her speech is off, it means that she’s totally caught up in the sensations,”

She Gets Up to Do Stuff

When a woman is se_xually gratified, she will face you and cuddle up, she may also try to make conversation and get touchy. However a cougar will want round two almost immediately after.

When your thirteen minutes of pounding has amounted to nothing , when you are done she’ll detach, which could entail rolling over, facing the other side or getting out of bed.

So if she bolts out of bed , heads to the kitchen and eggs start frying five minutes after you got done, in her mind there is probably no difference between you and those eggs.

She may also call a friend, or turn on the TV, it’s not a good sign mister, she was probably thinking about that soap she is watching.