As much as women generally take longer to cheat than men, they don't waste time to have se_x when they do decide to do the deed.

First date se_x is on the menu for South African women, according to a survey from a dating site.

According to data from Victoria Milan, 71% of married South African women who cheat will likely have se_x on the first date.

Much like the controversial Ashley Madison, this site facilitates a platform for married or attached people looking to have an affair. (After a data leak it was later shown that a very small percentage of Ashley Madison's members were actually women: 90 - 95% were men talking to bots impersonating women.)

Either way, according to the survey of 5 650 married or attached South African women, the overall majority saw no problem in getting physically intimate on the first date, and 56% said they decided on se_x during the date.

“Our cheaters from South Africa love to have adulterous adventures, and don’t waste time seducing their lovers. It’s common for first-date dalliances to end between the sheets – and this study reveals exactly where and how it’s going to happen,” said Victoria Milan CEO Sigurd Vedal.

According to StatsSA’s Marriages and divorces 2013 report, in the five years between 2009 and 2013, the median age for South African brides was 30 and bridegrooms, 34, increasing to 35 in 2013.

According to StatsSA’s Marriages and divorces 2014 report, fewer South Africans are getting married and divorces increased 3.4% from 2013 to 2014.

The divorce age was 43 and 40 for men and women respectively, the StatsSA report found.

There were 23 885 divorces in South Africa in 2013, in comparison to 158 642 civil marriages.

“Divorces were mainly from people who had married for the first time. There were more female than male plaintiffs although males generally divorced at a later age than females,” says the 2013 report.

According to Victoria Milan, the best way to get a cheating married woman into bed is by being attentive, while the least likely tactic is to be drunk.

Most cheating women (61%) preferred a hotel as a venue for a liaison, and 31% prefer to go to their lover’s home.