Every generation compares its experience to that of the next and think life has become easier. But adult life is hard no matter what decade you’re in, even if the conditions are different.
For millennials – those who reached young adulthood (18-39) in the year 2000 – there are unique everyday issues to deal with. But how can we deal with them efficiently? Here are some problems unique to the new generation and their solutions:
Millennial Problem:
Lack of opportunity to enter the job market. How do I get off my parents’ couch?
Youth Unemployment in South Africa during 2015 – according to Stats SA – was around 36.6%. That means on average, only one out of three young adults (aged 15-34) is currently employed.
Nawal du Toit of the newly-launched digital education platform Educate24 has had experience in teaching young South Africans what can give them a competitive edge in the job market.
“The difference between millennials and older generations is they tend to job-hop. They don’t see value in finding a job and staying with that same job until they retire. Millennials want to do interesting work, acquire new skills and try new things. To achieve this, many millennials use online platforms to add valuable skills to their resume. They are open to modern tools such as short online courses and see the value in using them to upskill.”