I’m 17-years-old and I broke up with my boyfriend in June last year. I left him for another man. My ex later returned and asked me to give our relationship another go. I did, but he is now cheating on me and he repeatedly blames me for everything that’s gone wrong in our relationship. I was ready to leave him but I just found out that I am pregnant and I feel I should stay with him for the baby’s sake. I don’t love him anymore, and to make matters worse, he puts his girlfriend’s pictures on social networks and this makes me very angry. I am hurt and confused. 

Dear Hurt and confused 
It must be hard finding yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and alone. 
It’s clear that he is not ready for a committed relationship. Staying with him for the sake of being pregnant will cause you more stress which is unhealthy for the unborn baby. You are not alone, help is available if you reach out. Consider talking further with one of loveLife ’s counsellors about your situation.