Many online shoppers in South Africa have not received the products they purchased on Black Friday.
Local online retailers, including Takealot, Makro, OneDayOnly, Raru, and Loot, offered great deals to attract users to their shops.
South Africans made use of the Black Friday deals, but have been let down by the slow delivery of the goods.

MyBroadband asked prominent online retailers about the delays and when consumers can expect to get their packages.
Makro – Fulfillment delays because of an unprecedented number of orders received.

Makro apologized for the delays and customer frustration.

“This was due to an unprecedented number of orders received over this period, which remain at very high levels,” said Makro.

“All our resources are currently focused on resolving this problem and we have implemented major interim operational changes to handle the backlog to ensure that delayed orders are dispatched as soon as possible.”

Makro has contacted affected customers and will continue to do so.
Takealot – Late deliveries are exceptional and not necessarily resulting from Black Friday.

Takealot said it planned for the high volume of orders over the Black Friday weekend by extending estimated delivery dates accordingly.

“We’re still meeting these and while order volumes are high in the run-up to the festive season, any late deliveries are exceptional and not necessarily resulting from Black Friday specifically.”

Takealot said it deals with every order on an individual basis.

“There is no blanket comment or the delivery date we can give for all orders – whether on Black Friday or any other weekend of the year.”

“We’d like to reassure customers that any reported delays are being addressed as quickly as possible by our team, communicated directly to customers and we’ll confirm revised delivery dates with them if necessary.”
Loot – Majority of Black Friday Weekend in-stock orders shipped by 30 November.

Loot said the majority of its Black Friday Weekend in-stock items, which are held at the company’s warehouses, were shipped by 30 November.

If a customer ordered a product that was not in stock, it would have been subject to a specified lead time.

The other scenario would be if a customer ordered a combination of an in-stock item and an international delivery. This would be shipped when the international order arrived (unless a request to split the order was received from a customer, or Loot initiated a split order because of issues on its side).

OneDayOnly – No delivery delays.

OneDayOnly said it is currently not experiencing delivery delays, as it has a standard shipping policy of 5 to 10 working days. However, depending on the product, this could go up to 15 working days.

The company said it does not hold stock and its partners deliver what it needs after a daily deal has run.
Raru – Most orders were shipped on Friday, or the next Monday, but some delays were experienced from partners.

Raru said its Black Friday, for the most part, consisted of limited in-stock units which were shipped on the Friday or on the Monday for late orders.

“We did have a t-shirt offer from Black Friday which needed to be printed to order. That stock took a few days longer to produce than expected due to higher than-anticipated volumes, but most have now been shipped,” said Raru’s Neil Smith.

“We have experienced some knock-on effects from other couriers in having our supplier orders delivered to us,” he said.

“It would appear as if some logistical organisations weren’t able to cope with the huge spike in Black Friday interest this year. Some of our suppliers are still delivering at a slower than expected rate due to this.”