FRANK Ntimba is a gentleman who always opens doors for women and lets them pay first at a supermarket till.

However, this has not changed his luck with the ladies – the 30-year-old virgin can’t find a girlfriend!

Frank, from Mafambisa, near Komatipoort in Mpumalanga, told Daily Sun he believes he has been cursed by his dead ex-girlfriend after he dumped her 15 years ago. He said they were lying in bed ready to have sex when he changed his mind.

“My girlfriend was partially blind and a friend warned me not to sleep with her because she might get pregnant and have a blind child,” he said.

Two weeks later, Frank’s girlfriend died in a car accident. Since then, he has been seeing her in his dreams. Sometimes she cries bitterly and at other times she laughs at him hysterically.

“I had a girlfriend eight years ago and she was prepared to sleep with me. I think my dead ex came back for revenge because as I was putting on a condom, the girl changed her mind,” he said.

Johan Sibiya (31), the friend who told Frank not to sleep with the blind woman, said: “I feel responsible for what is happening to Frank.

“He is clearly cursed and needs a strong sangoma.”

Sangoma Thulani Magagula (56) said Frank was still carrying the shadow of his late girlfriend and needed to be cleansed.