Who would think we’d ever see the day when self service till points are introduced into the South African retail environment.
As you can seen in the photograph above, it appears as though Pick ‘n Pay are trialing out self service till points.
What do ordinary South African’s think of this?
“This is a great idea, always walking into grocery stores and seeing empty tills with no tellers which leads to enormous lines at those which are operating, as long as there is a descent security procedure in place to prevent theft, this seems the perfect idea to finally going shopping effectively with no wait been caused by the speed of your cashier. Way of the future really.”
“I doubt this is for real. Unions would go crazy.”
“So easy to pass stuff without even scanning will cause a lot of product theft.”
“They do this in Australia as well. There version of it allows 10 items and under. Really can’t see it working her