SHE dated two men for years and they never fought because they took turns to spend time with her.
But on Thursday, the peaceful arrangement turned violent when both men wanted their girlfriend for the night.
During a heated fight, Amos Mahlangu from Chris Hani kasi, near Etwatwa in Ekurhuleni, was allegedly stabbed to death by his rival!
After he had been declared dead and his alleged killer arrested, the community decided it was time to teach the woman a lesson.
However, she had already packed her belongings and fled from the area.
One resident told Daily Sun: “What she did was wrong. She’s a woman and in our culture only a man can take two women or more. It’s a taboo.
“We don’t want to see her here any more. She must not come here again because we are going to avenge Amos’ death.”
Although many residents said they were against what the woman had done, some women praised her for having two men at the same time.
“She’s my hero. It’s hard for us to have one man but she had two. Wow, she knew her game,” said one woman.
Another woman added: “Men also have too many women.
“What’s wrong with her having more than one man?
“This is a democracy.”
Meanwhile, Amos’ family members said they just wanted to see justice served.
His sister, Elizabeth Khumalo, said: “This man must pay for what he did.
“That woman was practising polyandry!”
Polyandry means a woman who has more than one man.
It’s the female version of polygamy.
A case of murder was opened at Etwatwa Police Station.
The suspect has made a court appearance and will make his second one soon.