According to a few Uber drivers I chatted to, they face losing their jobs if discovered to be using the app as a dating site. They don’t really want the distraction and would appreciate just being left to drive.
But many report hardly a night without an invite to a woman’s bed. One was telling me about some thirsty woman fondling an Uber driver from the back seat. She was fondling the poor man’s chest and groin area, arousing him in peak traffic.
Then, upon arrival at her house, she insisted that he help her carry groceries indoors and then offered him sex for payment.
“How much do you make a night?” was the last question he heard before claiming to park the car and speeding off.
Would you get into a minibus taxi and start gyrating on the driver’s knee?
Then why is being inappropriate with Uber drivers the norm?
Do you ride the bus driver? Straddle him as he drives you to work?
Then why do people, especially women, think there’s nothing wrong with asking an Uber driver to take off her panties?
“White women have begged us for sex,” lamented one telling me a client’s lover had left her for a black woman, so she wanted revenge by asking him to take off her panties.
Look people, Uber drivers aren’t sex workers waiting for you to ask them for sex. They’re working family men and aren’t looking for women willing to share themselves with anyone who has petrol.
One woman even asked an Uber driver if he thought he’d actually be able to service her well, daring this stranger and questioning his masculinity in a confined space.
Ladies, you may be the loudest, prettiest and toughest in your group of friends, but you risk endangering your life with your hypersexual tendencies.
So stop sexually harrassing men.
Uber drivers aren’t permitted to fraternise with clients. Just like you’re not permitted to drink or smoke in a taxi, you’re not allowed to grope drivers.
Uber drivers are there to get you to your destination and not to be the destination. Stop being an animal.
Let’s respect men and not treat them as sex objects – no matter how attractive you believe you are.
Stop harrassing our men!