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#BlackFriday Digital ID Technologies Black Friday Card Printer Deals.

Digital ID Technologies running our Black Friday Specials this week. Don't miss out on great discounts! Even though we showcase our popular products here, picking up the phone, or sending us an email with your requirements will result in big savings. We are discounting all prices on the 23 November 2018. Call us and see for yourself😉

Compact, versatile and easy to use - get the FARGO C50 Card Printer and save.

R9,999.00 excl VAT

Buy 1000 x Mifare, Prox, or Magnetic Stripe cards and get 250 cards free of charge!

250 x Cards *Free

By a FARGO C50 or DTC1250e colour ribbon and get 250 PVC cards at no extra cost.

R999.00 excl VAT + Free Cards

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