For over a decade or more like as long as i can remember, people in south Africa both man and woman have been stereotyping that Xhosa woman, the most beautiful woman are Hoes, Bitches, Izifebe and well today i would like to share my thoughts, my perspective, my own experiences about Xhosa woman. Before we get very far on this topic, what brought this up is the disturbing comment made by another Xhosa woman the other day, Vele man izifebe and i asked why and this was her answer ...............!

So my first question to her, in her experiences which culture has no Hoes, and she was quiet. so today i would like to share my view as a guy living in South Africa. Around 2001 in my prime in high school, i met this new girl who came just moved into my city and you know how it is in the small cities - news travel fast and well all the big guns where all out wanting this girl, and yes she was beautiful, sexy and Xhosa. We met on a Friday and yeah on that same night, early hours of the morning of sat after the party i hit that. A boy who had no money, just something i'd like to call game.

Was she a bitch, Fuck no. on the Friday we met, we chatted for a long time, i invited her to a house party i had hooked up, i charmed her, she charmed me, i fell for her and well she fell for me. We had a great time at the party, which led to one thing that both us longed for from the first moment we met good fucken sex. after that i walked her home since a nigga didn't have a car and if i m not mistaken that was about 6 -7 km to go and come back. we met up later that day and yes we shagged AGAIN, with my bitch. and well to cut the story short we ended up dating for over a year and well that was one of my best relationships.

One of the conversation i remember with her she said well i thought you were gonna be like the rest of the assholes guys who go talking shit and if you did i would have answered the same thing, which i also wanted sex, if you used me - well i used you too, if uy'skhokho guess what nami ngiyisikhokho shem. but it wasn't like that, we both like it each other so much and yes we both liked sex. So it brings me to my topic today, are Xhosa woman really bitches - my answer is simple NO. Just cause you slept with someone on the first date, don't make them hoes it purely means you both wanted it.

in this beautiful country of ours, well i have dated i think all the different cultures, i've had my experiences, my fun, my good and bad relationships, my lifetime moments, my learning but i today stand here and say its wrong for woman of a particular culture to be stereotyped as bitches. From knowing what a bitch is, i can proudly say they exist in each and every culture, in each and every race and guess what all over the world. Men like calling woman for the following reasons: bitterness, jealousy, hatting.

If a man gets a woman and he hits that on the first time, she is ok but when things start not to work out then she is a bitch, if she hears things about her then she is a bitch, a guy who didnt get her spread lies that she is a bitch then everyone believes her, a guy who gets dumped by her cause she is bored, not satisfied starts talking about her then she is a bitch. If a woman dates the guy's friend then she is a bitch but no one looks at the guy and say anything, or no one asked why she dated her friend. We always talk about rules and values but no one talks about the matters of the heart that makes a person go against what they stand for, and i'm one of those who still says today what if me and her were not working out but her and my friend have a shot of happiness, who am i to stop that just cause we dated. That don't make her a bitch.

Xhosa woman are not bitches. In every culture, community, social scene you will find the bad ones and the good ones, those who are worth your time and those who are not, those who have ambition to get what they want and those who dont, those who have no feelings and yes those who dont give a shit. You have very beautiful people and yes you have ugly people, those with small dicks and those who have very large penises, those who like it rough and those who just hate sex. We are not all the same, we dont all live according to the same standards and rules, like me i do what i want and guess what i dont need your fucken permission.

Some woman like calling other woman bitches just cause they get 5 dates a week and well they dont, cause the other girl has so much more than them, lives a better life, prefers dating well off guys, gets taken to more trips out that they start talking shit about the other person, and well stupid people always are bored spread and believe the rumours. But what defines a bitch, so what if she enjoys sex, what if she likes kinky things, what if she is the most attractive in the room, what if she is content with who she is who are you to judge. Guys times have changed, shit dont go down the same way as it used to, people have changed, times have changed that everything is faster, we cannot do shit the way our parents did it. People now days prefer to experiment, try different things with different guys or girls, some sell their soul for the good life and well some get screwed for nothing just cause they love dick but that dont make them bitches. It makes them HUMAN.

i was born from a Xhosa woman's womb but guess what my father was Swati, the mother of my child is Xhosa, i have met amazing Xhosa girls, from a church girl, to a sweet angel, to a bitch, a kinky freak, to a shy girl and guess what i've found all of those qualities in all the woman of different cultures i've dated who are not Xhosa. i think i've had great and shit relationship with all cultures . We all have preferrences and choices, and lets respect that. We all have our own lives to live well lets do that. Ask any guy who has lived the life in SA, and they will tell you that they have met all types of woman across all corners of south africa, from Bitches aka hoes to the sweetest woman, from Xhosa to Zulu, Tswana to Swati you get all types. We all cant be the same, we all cant be pleased by the same things, we cant live or like the same things to the same girls to the same guys.

So i ask, are Xhosa woman Hoes. My answer is no, they are human just like you and me, just like any other culture, just like any race, there are no perfect people for no one is perfect, they have ugly girls too as much as any culture, and guess what there are guys who dont like them for personal reasons, but even sotho's , pedi's , Tshonga are rejected sometimes and you find all those guys who dont care. So lets stop the stereotyping, respect one another and lets live our lives our way and not for people cause at the end of the day its my life, my rules, my learning, my experiences.

Good girls comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, colours, personalities and the same applies to Bad girls.
according to me, Hoes exist in all cultures just like good people do. There's no culture engaFEBI, That doesnt like taking risk, having fun, being kinky, cheat, or love money or the GOOD FUCKEN LIFE.

People like to Xhosa woman or in general are liars, which culture doesnt lie. People like to say Zulu guys are abusive which culture doesnt have abusive men, swati guys love woman but which culture of men doesnt love woman, just like which culture of woman doesnt like men. Xhosa woman are not bitches, its that simple, bitches exist everywhere.

Do you agree or not and why?