A man who was accused of rape in Canada put up an unusual defence. He told a jury during his court case that he couldn't have raped anyone because his p!nis is too small. The lawyer for the accused man told the court, “His stomach is too large and his penis is way, way too small,” reports the Ottawa Citizen.

44-year-old Jacques Rouschop is accused of raping and choking two sex workers in 2013 in his pickup truck.

A registered nurse testified in court that when she took the suspect’s measurements in jail, his penis was about 2 inches when erect. The 5-foot-6 Rouschop also weighed about 400 pounds at the time of the alleged attacks and has an umbilical hernia about the size of a baseball, reports the National Post.

To support his case, jurors were shown photographs of his naked body.