Many people thought that sleeping naked is a bit taboo, but recent research has revealed some surprising effects for our health when we sleep in the nude.

Here are some scientific reasons why sleeping naked is best for you are presented.

1. Improves blood circulation

sleep naked improves blood circulation and helps relieve the stress that occurs in the abdominal area. tight underwear prevent blood circulation and skin rashes can have red marks.

2. Improves metabolism

Sleeping naked eliminates abdominal fat, as it balances the secretion of cortisol in the body, which is a stress hormone.

3. Tempting will feel

Sleep naked, sexual desires are at the highest level, which increases the desire to make love. When your husband / wife is naked, you will not be able to stop approaching them.

4. Better Sleep

If you sleep naked, you will feel more comfortable and at peace, both physically and mentally. The next day you wake up with increased energy levels, positive attitude and a good mood.

5. Increases fertility

The use of elastic tight underwear can lead to restricted blood flow and genital areas near their private parts. Such underwear and jeans low rise puts pressure on her private parts, which reduces the number of sperm.

6. Provides healthy skin

Tight clothes compresses our skin and leads to suffocation resulting in excessive sweating and that can give you pimples.

7. Relieves toxins

Sleeping naked with a cool temperature helps to reduce the spread of bacteria that normally propagates in a warm environment.