A new study has shown that regular sex can keep the brain strong and prevent dementia.
Researchers have concluded that sex lead to less mental deterioration in old age, specifically with regards to dementia. Researchers examined over 6,800 participants between the ages of 50 and 89 to see how and if sex had any effect on the aging process.

First, the participants were asked about their level of sexual activity, which could include everything from masturbation to intercourse. Then, the researchers conducted two experiments designed to test the level of cognitive functioning of the participants.The first test involved the participants being read a series of words that they were then asked to recall under two different circumstances: First, immediately after they were recited, and again five minutes after hearing them.

The second test involved number sequencing, wherein the participants were given a specific sequence of numbers and then asked to recall which digit was missing.

The results? Those who were sexually active sexually had much more accurate recall in both the word and number tests than those who were sexually inactive.

The results did vary a bit by gender, however, as sexually active men showed a much higher difference in score on both tests than sexually active women did. Interestingly, though, the women showed significant improvement when sexually active in word recall, but not in the number sequencing experiment.

Source: Pulse Media