I have been dating this guy for 5 months now..and it’s been crazy! We have s_ex like thrice in a week and it’s killing me…I want it over 4 times a day everyday!..I live with him in his hostel in school.
I won’t lie..I have a mental disorder – nymph_mania..I desire s_ex a lot and it’s driving me crazy! I love my boyfriend so much, but he can’t go more than 2 rounds in a day..and we just do it 3 times in a week!
IT’S JUST CRAZY!…..when I prefer at least 4 everyday…Non-stop!
Should I just break up with him and move on to another person?!
P.S. Don’t Judge me…It’s my bloody life! I have money! I’m a girl…I just love s_ex! and I refuse to cheat on him.
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