HE’S a male prostitute and he claims it’s the best thing that has ever happened to him.
The man (35) from Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, who doubles up as a stripper, told Daily Sun that most of his clients were big mamas.
“Some of my clients are professional women who don’t have men. I charge R500 an hour and they don’t mind paying,” he claimed.
He claimed there was a high demand for his services and he could take on up to 10 women a week.
“I don’t want to take on too many clients because I have to satisfy them. If I take too many I may end up not giving them value for their money,” he claimed.
He claims he started working as a prostitute after he was retrenched four years ago.
“It started when I was approached by a single woman who asked if I could help her.
“I have been servicing her since then.
“And she has also told other women about me,” he added.
“My clients include nurses, teachers and lonely businesswomen. I prefer that market because they don’t make me wait for my money.”
He claims sometimes he goes to clients’ houses and at other times they booked hotel rooms.
He claimed some of his clients wanted him for the whole night and he charged them close to R5 000 for his company.
“Big women also want sex but some of them are given the cold shoulder by men.
“Men these days prefer young girls,” he claimed.