These three variations are about to make missionary a lot more fun.
Chances are your sexual journey began with missionary position. Some sweaty boy leaned over you, fumbling with the condom. A couple of anticlimactic heaves later, you lie there wondering why everyone makes such a big deal about this whole sex thing.
Sure, sex gets better. But do you ever feel like you’re still having the same boring sex you had in your college dorm? He’s pumping away while you lie there contemplating what you should eat for dinner or wondering when it will all be over.
There’s no reason missionary position should ever have to be that dull and depressing. Instead of rocking back-and-forth into a slumber, move into these three amazing variations of the missionary position:
  1. The Wrap Around
While he’s on top of you, wrap your legs around his body with your ankles crossed. This will secure him in the missionary position while making everything tighter down there. Clench your thigh muscles together and rock back-and-forth with him.
  1. The Anvil
Instead of just lying there, drape your legs over his shoulders while he kneels from above. This will increase the intensity of his thrusts while he hits your G-spot. For even more G-spot stimulation, place a pillow under your butt. You’ll be super-comfy on your way to an amazing orgasm.
For some extra stimulation, rub your clitoris while he’s moving in-and-out of you. Seventy-five percent of women need extra clitoral stimulation to orgasm. If you’re not a G-spot girl, make sure your clitoris is getting all the love it needs in missionary position.
  1. Coital Alignment Technique Position
The CAT position is the best way to get clitoral stimulation, even if you’re a dog person. Have him scoot forward about three inches from his usual missionary position. He should rest his body on you, moving slowly up-and-down instead of in-and-out.
Wrap your ankles around his calves to secure him in the position. In CAT position you have the greatest chance of experiencing a simultaneous orgasm with your partner, which is a double win.
Now, try and tell me you’re still bored in missionary position. You probably won’t be laying there wondering why sex is such a big deal when you’re overcome with orgasms. With your legs flailing over his shoulders or wrapped around his body, start embracing the sex life you deserve.