1. Turning into her errand kid/manikin
At the point when men were young men, women utilized me as their manikin by sending me to purchase food items, bring water and others. My companions made joke of me, calling me sweetheart kid and reported me to my guardians that I am under Angela’s spell. Smile
2. Enduring and Smiling Attitude
A few women are in the propensity for mishandling fellows for reasons unknown most particularly on the off chance that he is down and out or excessively moronic, making it impossible to express his feeling.

In the event that a gentleman who used to be rich and affable gets to be penniless, women will disparagement and ruin his notoriety in broad daylight as individuals will trust that his fate has been nailed on a tree by her.
3. Exhausting his account or pocket for her
I loathe it when fellows in their right senses empty their account for women to make Brazilian hair, purchase costly telephones and different useless purposes yet him asking for money to feed.

4. She eats different kinds dinners while he drinks water during date
Wonders might never end as a few fellows show falsification amid date by drinking immaculate water while the woman he is soliciting out eats all sort of assorted dinners.

Most likely if this demonstration proceeds with, individuals will inquire as to whether the gentleman is rationally stable.