Many reasons have been written before on why you should marry a Zulu woman. Here are five more reasons :
She is Not Selfish – The backbone of a lasting marriage is self-giving, selflessness. This is a higher level of commitment. I am not saying you should lose yourself and become a ‘slave’. Zulu women are raised to not be selfish, but to reciprocate love and give excessively to her family and children. I strongly feel it was Zulu women who first demonstrated “Ubuntu”. That said, there is a difference between having healthy boundaries and being selfish.Selfishness causes a breakdown in intimacy and vulnerability and leads to always being suspicious of your partner. Healthy boundaries create an environment that fosters open, honest and respectful communication.
So if you meet a Zulu woman who is not selfish, marry her. 
She is Not Jealous – A lot of women are jealous by nature, and that doesn’t change when they get married. So I recommend the Zulu woman who is taught to manage her jealousy for the sake of community living; for the sake of creating a happy home. I’m not talking about a woman who is prepared to ‘put up’ with anything. Yes, some may argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship. A little is OK but too much of it brings insecurity, and is an expression of low self-esteem. A Zulu woman does not behave in an unseemly manner. She has learnt how to balance her own expectations with that of others, and maintain her dignity.
If you meet a Zulu woman who is not jealous, marry her. 
She is Not Materialistic – The majority of Zulu women dream of getting married to a man who will take really good care of them. A man that understands and lives the words – “for better or worse, until death do us part”. A Zulu woman doesn’t want to get married for money, although there is nothing wrong with living a comfortable life. For a Zulu woman, a happy family is more important than riches. .
If you meet a Zulu woman who is not after your money, marry her.
She Loves S_ex but Won’t Cheat – Zulu women love s_ex, for fun and procreation. She understands that s_ex isn’t everything in a relationship, but she will give you the best s_ex of your life – a close-to-heaven, out-of-body-in-your-body experience. Her desire is to be satisfied by the man she loves, and not to be satisfied for the sake of satisfaction.Her s_ex drive is high and she will satisfy her husband without complaining – especially not of a headache!
If you meet a Zulu woman who loves s_ex and doesn’t cheat, marry her.
She Loves God – A Zulu woman is always spiritual and you can’t divorce her from her beliefs. Prayer is not a routine but a lifestyle. The day starts and ends with prayer. She knows that her true beauty is revealed in the presence of God. She attends church regularly and has a good report among her peers. You will certainly be in good hands because daily, she will pray for your health, job, business, and children. She is a lover of Jesus and understands the value of His death on the cross. She talks the talks and walks the walk, and practices what she preaches.
Source : Online