No, she's not returning on Rockville but on's new show.
Some people were disappointed after not seeing Brenda Ngxoli on the latest season of Rockville. The actress, who portrayed a character called Gladys on the Mzansi Magic hit show, gave a stellar performance and quickly became a fan favourite. Fans were shocked when she didn't return for season four. 
However, fans will be happy to know that Brenda will be back on TV this evening. The award-winning actress will star in's new drama series Hustle, which premieres tonight. 
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In an interview with Bona magazine earlier this year, Brenda said about her character: "A song that best describes her is I'm Woman Every Woman because she is a musician and is based on a lot of musicians that we know. She represents all the women in entertainment, the challenges, successes and realities they face." 
When Brenda played the character of Glady's on Rockville, she moved many with her impeccable acting. Her role brought tears to many on the show. In an interview with ZAlebs, Brenda spoke about how her character, Glady's taught her to handle her own problems.
"Glady also taught me that in life you're not the only one who has problems. Deal with your problems before your problems deal with you because it actually became that elephant in the room that dealt with Gladys through alcoholism. 
"There are so many things expected from women and one of those things is to succeed in making children and if you don't make children, you're seemingly seen as a failure."
We definitely cannot wait to see Brenda killing it on the TV screens once again. 

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