Keeping a relationship is hard, dating as a matured woman is harder. Your standards are way up there because you know want. You have certain expectations and demands from your partner.

As a matured lady, your views on relationships changes and it's not like you are trying to find yourself, you already who you are. Any matured woman who is ready to step into the dating pool would never do these 9 things in her relationship:

1. They don't do drama - They leave it for younger women.

2. They aren't on a path to 'find themselves' - They've gone past that stage

3. They prefer phone calls and not text messages - unless it's an emergency, they'll still call you anyway.

4.They'll never change for any man - they are older and wiser now

5. They really want a committed relationship - it's either all or nothing for them

6. They know the advantages of putting themselves first sometimes - It creates a balance and sanity in the relationship

7. They don't stalk their men on social media
8. They have pasts and know it might creep up on them someday - They become open to their partners so there'll no surprises later.

9 Things Mature Women Never Do In Relationships

9. They let their men know when they are hurt and move on by learning how to deal with it.