Every relationship needs to have boundaries. This will help you and your partner feel much better when communicating and makes your physical and emotional connection better.

Couples have more respect for each other when reasonable boundaries are set and obeyed. Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 7 relationship boundaries you and your partner should set:

1. How you both act on social media: Do you both want to make your relationship public or not?
2. How you'll have sex: What do you both want to do and do not want to practice in the bedroom?
3. What you can share with each other: Food, mobile phones, clothes, you both should decide.
4. Names you can call each other: What is the limit to name calling? What can you joke about and what is a red zone?
5. Commitment to each other: Do you both want an open relationship or not?
6. Time you spend alone with each other: You both would have to agree on when you see each other and times you'll be apart.
7. How your fights would be like: Would you and your partner love to talk things out immediately or give each other space for a while.