Even your conscience can tell you someone wants to infect you with HIV, but there are clear signs to prove that your partner indeed wants to infect you with HIV.
Below are signs that your other half is on a mission to infect you with the deadly virus.

1. They are so vigorous during the act(especially men)

If the man is fast, furious and vigorous during the act, know that he wants something to enter you, this something is HIV.The virus usually enters your body through blood. When the friction increases, there are chances you will be infected with HIV even if the man is using protection.
A person carrying HIV should be extremely cautious during the se_xual act; friction should be minimized so that the risk of HIV transmission can be minimized.

2. Ready to use loads of money to have unprotected s@x

If a your partner is splashing money on you ask so that he doesn’t use protection, that person is danger and maybe carrying the deadly virus.

3. Feeds you with lots of alcohol

Everyone should avoid alcohol before the act. Lots of alcohol can impair judgement resulting in devastating consequences.
If your partner wants you to be drunk beyond the normal, it probably means they want you to lose your guard and  infect you with something.  Ladies be careful when a man is willing to buy you as many drinks as possible.

4. If a man insists he wants a baby yet you haven’t had s@x without protection

Infected men will always tell you they want a baby, knowing very well its a gateway to not use protection in the process.

5. If they evade  the question of HIV screening and testing

Whenever you tell them  of HIV testing, they find excuse to evade the process. That is a red signal.