1. Your boyfriend suddenly becomes more caring and becomes more attentive to your needs than usual.

2. Your boyfriend starts showering you with gifts for no apparent reason.

3. You start getting a gut feeling that something isn’t right in your relationship.

4. Your boyfriend constantly talks about ending your relationship each time you argue or fight.

5. Your boyfriend constantly picks fights with you.

6. Your mate is excited when leaving you but quiet and moody when he is with you.

7. Your communication starts to break down and you know it’s not your fault.

8. Your boyfriend’s tastes change e.g. his clothing, music etc…

9. Your boyfriend continually criticizes another girl whom you think he normally would be attracted to.

10. Your boyfriend starts to criticise things about you that he used to find attractive and appealing before.
11. Your mate stops doing something that he knows you really enjoy.

12. Your boyfriend would rather spend time with his friends than be with you.

13. He doesn’t want to talk about your future relationship.

14. He stops being affectionate to you.

15. He has been acting emotionally distant recently.

16. Your boyfriend talks in his sleep and mentions the name of one particular person on more than one occasion.

17. He’s not interested in being intimate any more.

18. He becomes offended when you make simple natural enquiries about situations or people that involve him.

19. Your mate starts paying less and less attention to your kids.

20. Your mate becomes less interested in spending time with you. He starts giving excuses for not being able to do things with you or spend time with you.

These are some of the many signs that you can use to tell if you boyfriend or partner is cheating on you. Remember though that they may be signs that something else is wrong in your relationship or they could be a result of stress unrelated to your relationship
If you suspicions are based on a particular incident or incidents, it’s best to confront your boyfriend right away to establish the truth