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15,000 South African websites suspended – here’s what happened

The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) recently suspended 15,000 South African domains due to the domain names not being moved to accredited registrars by 1 September 2016.
The ZACR said the need for the domains to be moved to ZACR-accredited registrars was part of a process which saw all domains transferred from a legacy system to the ZACR’s EPP system.
Domains which had not been moved to an accredited registrar by 1 September would be suspended, the ZACR and ZADNA previously warned, and would be “unreachable on the Internet”.
Domains which have not moved to an accredited registrar by 1 September 2017 will be deleted from the registry.

ZACR on the suspensions

ZACR CEO Lucky Masilela said: “Suspension does not mean deletion and all domain name holders still have until 1 September 2017 to transfer their domains to ZACR-accredited registrars.”
The ZACR said it has, over the course of a year, told non-compliant domains about the need to move to an approved registrar.
“This has been communicated via the ZACR website’s Registrar Noticeboard as well as via email. Apart from email communications, lists of domain names were made available to registrars at their specific request and an independent consultant was also appointed to contact registrants with a view to managing this migration process.” names that have not been transferred to .za-accredited registrars by 1 September 2017 will be deleted from the registry.
“These domain names will then be made available for re-registration on a first-come, first-served basis,” said Masilela.
Source: mybroadband

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