Sometimes divorce creeps up on married couples without them knowing what led to it. The marriage is fine at first and the next minute everything just goes down the drain.Women are known to initiate divorce more than men but other times, some husbands may just get up and walk out of the marriage leaving their wives devastated.

For married women out there, how can you tell your relationship is divorce-proof? Inspired by Your Tango, here are 10 sure ways you can know your marriage isn't heading towards divorce.

1. Your husband doesn't feel humiliated by you - he knows you won't attack him personally because of something he's done.

2. He can tell you his secrets confidently knowing he won't be judged or criticised -this builds trust and commitment.

3. He shows appreciation for your kindness to his family - he knows despite the troubles they bring, you still love and respect them either way.

4. Your husband knows you respect and admire him- You boost his self-esteem and this increases both sexual and emotional passion between you two.

5. Your husband likes it that you 'need' him but aren't needy - You both rely on each other.

6. He knows how important he is to you - he's confident that you'll be there for him a 100%.

7. He likes it that you take care of your appearance - You don't have to look like an actress but you do look really good.

8. Your husband knows his limits with you and know when he's crossed it - He knows you won't tolerate his bad habits, this make him value your relationship more.

9. He knows you desire him sexually - he'll feel hurt if he knows he's the only one interested.

10. He loves how you make him feel - the attention, the kissing and touching, he loves it all.