ZCC Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane has announced that the biggest church in South Afirca will now be forming a political party which will be contesting in the next presidential election.

A statement that was released through the press reads :  Having written an open letter to the government of South Africa complaining about their leadership, Lekganyane has decided to launch a political party, the Zion political party(ZPP).

The message comes barely two weeks after the elections which saw ANC losing Pretoria to the DA and the EFF in coalition talks with the DA.The ANC and the DA are desparetly looking for parties to form a coalition with Bishop barnabas Lekganyane has decided to open his own party which will take over the government of south africa in 2019 by the power of the holy spirit that is operating in the ministry

Majority of South Africans dominates from (zcc church)so it’s quiet clear that the ZCC will definitely win the elections in 2019. As for local elections the ZCC will not need parties to form coalition with because they have millions of members who will vote for them.

ZPP (Zion political party) has just been registered and proclaims to be “The credible political alternative that can bring the change that the country is crying out for.” Lekganyane said on a radio interview earlier on Wednesday that the party is fighting for better lives for its people. - Online