The ANCYL said it remains convinced that the ANC’s decline in support can be reversed, but it refused to take part in any celebration.

In light of the ANC’s poor performance in the local government elections, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in Gauteng says it will not attend any victory parties organised by its mother body, the ANC.
The main victory party was expected to take place at Luthuli House, ANC headquarters, in Johannesburg, today, but it emerged that it was cancelled. The reason for the cancellation was not given, but it may be linked to the fact that the ANC has underperformed in metros where it was previously dominant.
ANCYL provincial chairperson Matome Chiloane said the league would not be attending nor organising any victory party.
“This is a metro where we have performed poorly as a party,” Chiloane said today.
“The ANCYL will rather be engaged in a drastic programme of rebuilding and strengthening structures and our support on the ground.”
Chiloane said the current drop in municipal election outcomes nationally left little to be desired and did not warrant a celebration.
“Through the vote and lower voter turnout, society calls upon us to introspect,” he said.
“It is in this regard that we will rather do organisational work and spend the time reflecting on where we have erred.”
The ANCYL said it remains convinced that the ANC’s decline in support could be reversed.
“The lower turnout, particularly in our strongholds, is a clear signal that society is disappointed with us,” Chiloane said. “They would rather not vote than vote for the opposition, as the ANC remains their beacon of hope.
“In honouring these supporters we will heed the call and fix our house.”