Women put themselves under a lot of pressure to succeed and this has led to many of them having to put their social and romantic lives on hold to pursue their careers.
At the prime of success one may realise that there is a gap that other things are no longer filling.
This leads women to seek companionship in younger men aka Ben 10s.
Biology states that men are at their sexual prime in their 20s while women reach that in their 30s and 40s, and this is the attraction of dating a younger man.
He seems to come with less baggage and a lot of adventure.
A disadvantage of this relationship is that the boy will depend on you financially.
This includes supporting his children, family and friends. Young boys are not always in it for commitment and the pressures or responsibilities that go along with that. And he still has an active social life as he is still finding his own place in the world.
Be careful when entering any relationship. Avoid going in with just your heart, but think your way in!