It is a known fact that a lot of women find it difficult to achieve orgasm during sex and a very large percentage cannot cum from penetration alone.

But the great news is that there’s plenty of other ways to reach the big-O. From nipples to urethral orgasms, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are the 7 kinds of orgasms you can give her.

1. Clitoral orgasm

This is the most common type of orgasm and the easiest to achieve. The clitoris has at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings making it one of the most sensitive spots on a woman’s body.

Even just gentle stimulation can be enough to send her wild with pleasure.

2. G-spot orgasm

The G-spot is the small, spongy area located two or three inches inside the vagina on the front vaginal wall.

Hitting the G-spot is the second most effective way make a woman orgasm. Stimulating the area with your penis during sex does the job, or making a come hither motion with your finger.

3. Nipple orgasms

Stimulating a woman’s nipples can send her over the edge because the brain responds in the same way as it does during clitoral stimulation – but try combining the two for maximum pleasure.

Some women are lucky enough to peak from nipple work alone.

4. Anal orgasms

There are two sphincters at the base of the anus that expand and contract during orgasm. Make sure to use plenty of lube and try stimulating the butt with anal sex or a toy.

5. Cervical orgasms

Unfortunately only guys with larger schlongs will be able to give a woman a cervical orgasm – which can be an intense feeling that flows through the body.

Be careful when experimenting though as hitting the cervix too hard can be painful and sometimes cause bleeding.

6. Urethral orgasms

Sometimes known as the U-spot or P-spot, it’s a small area of sensitive tissue around the urethral opening. Try gently caressing the area with a finger in the same way you would the clitoris.

But be warned, the area is prone to infection so keep things clean when playing around.

7. Energy orgasms

The brain is the largest sexual muscle in the entire body and just your thoughts alone can drive you wild.

Having an energy experience can only be achieved when your mind and body are in tune.