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I remember back in the days, when I was in the baby making business. I always admired, loved, pampered and overprotected my wife, more. That's how come I was witness to the birth of our last two girls, (now grown ass women). Yea, I loved her more each time I gave her a Big Bang belly.
She glowed more, in my eyes she was sexier,(still is). Don't know about you, but there is something sexy about pregnant women that always suggests that they should be treated and handled with tender, loving, care. They are not only special but sexy as well.

I loved to watch her body change, her hips become wider, her butt grows bigger, her boobs become fuller, her belly is exciting, her navel is sensual; she is pleasant to look at, a full woman. Hey! hold whatever thought is brewing in your head. This was some 26yrs ago, wish we had IPhones then, I would have shared her pictures with you. She was sexy gaga. No be yoke!

Some women are unlovable when they are pregnant. Forget the ones who are forming self-reliant because this pushes the man away making him irrelevant. Some men too can be an ass when it comes to taking care of their pregnant woman. However, most pregnant women love to be pampered, she wants her man to treat her like a Queen. Men love to be needed, they love to feel important, they love being the hero, it is a big turn on for a lotta men. Walaiii. Many pregnant women radiates a glow. Their skin, their body, their smile, their voice lights up because life is growing inside them.

She is beautiful, desiring to love and be loved. My guy, when your woman is pregnant, celebrate her new form of sexiness, don’t chase after other women. She is pregnant and sexy; but most important, she is carrying your child, a child you manufactured when her sexy self gave you great sex! Hummmmm!!! Freaky Dicky. This is for all the mothers to be, who are right now with Big Bang Belly. Just to say, you all are beautiful. If you feel like sharing Gods creative work with us by way of a decent sexy picture, go ahead and show the world your glow, as long as your man no mind, the rest can jump into the gutter. Keep glowing Sexy Mama.